Ceiling Tile Replacment

At GR Industrial Services, we are not limited to external work.  We also provide many interior construction services.

This ceiling tile installation was over 20,000 sq./ft as is only a small sample of the work we have completed and are able to do for you.

​Give us a call and let us show you how to get your renovation completed the right way!

GR Industrial Services has been providing the best for all your civil construction needs for years.

We have the knowledge and ability to make your project the best that it can be.

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Bowring Park

GR Industrial Services completed the civil construction for the new Bowring Park Pool House.

This included:

* Completing the sub-grade

* Prep for building

* Floor and deck prep

* All landscaping

* Asphalt

* Pool deck replacement

* Recon wall installation

and much more.

No matter how large the job, GR Industrial Services gets the job done!

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Sidewalk Repair

From total tear out and re-instatement to just fixing small issues, GR Industrial Services has you covered.

No job is too big or too small!

Civil Construction

Check out some of our most recent projects below!

JAG Hotel Parking Lot

We took this empty gravel lot and made it beautiful.

We created the sub-grade, installed and tied in two manholes into the street, removed and reinstated the sidewalk, poured curb and sidewalk, completed the landscaping including fence, paved and painted the lines.

​Looks Great!  Your parking lot can look this good too!

RECON and Keystone Wall Block

Along with being the best at installing Recon Block Walls, GR Industrial services is the best at installation of Keystone Block Walls.

Call us today for a free estimate of how we can make your project a reality!

Archives Building

We completed the civil work for this massive transformation.

From new water and sewer main tie-ins, to installing foundation waterproofing and drainage, we helped transform this building.